Weekly Acta #5

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Acta. As always in the Acta, I try to share some interesting information from the FI/RE and personal finance blogosphere that I’ve read during the week.

I’ve also provided some links to other articles that I found exceptionally interesting this week. I hope you enjoy these Acta articles as much as I did!

FI/RE / Personal Finance Blogs

Weekly Acta #5

Six Lessons from ‘How I Invest My Money’Click here to view original web page at drfire.co.uk

I saw this book, ‘How I Invest My Money,’ all over my Twitter and Feedly accounts at the beginning of November. After listening to and reading a few interviews about the book, I was intrigued and decided to pick up a copy. What can I say, marketing works.

The book is a collection of essays from a variety of financial experts about what they do with their money. Despite the title, many of the chapters focus less on the ‘how’ of investing and more on the ‘why.’

I liked it. It’s not the sort of book that says you should own X and Y, avoid A and B, etc. Instead, it’s a window into how the different authors view their money. It doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of immediately actionable advice, but does provide a lot of inspiration and food for thought.

Why You Should Ask For A Slap in the Face: The Trilemma of Truthful FeedbackClick here to view original web page at www.financial-imagineer.com

How often did you hear these comments: You deserved it! Very, very well done! Awesome! Wonderful! They are part of our culture. You got to be nice with each other. But is it truthful? Does it help you? Do you believe it when said to you?

Here’s the problem: We’ve become so bloody careful about how to not trigger someone else’s feelings that truly truthful feedback has almost become a thing of impossibility or at least extremely hard to get.

Weekly Acta #5

How to Accomplish the Best Results Through Intentional LearningClick here to view original web page at www.fasttrack.life

I am very inspired by the Small Passive Income Podcast session with Dr. Benjamin Hardy. In the episode, he mentioned a term called “Intentional Learning”. Intentional learning is learning by intentions and goal-directed. Unlike Latent and incidental learning, people use intentional learning generally to accomplish more results.

Weekly Acta #5

Money Taboos Cost You A Fortune, Time To Start TalkingClick here to view original web page at centbycent.co.uk

Money is part of my life whether I like it or not. Yet, I’m not supposed to talk about it. I need to be smart, invest, save, spend, etc. But by default, seeking advice is tough as people get cold feet when talking about this hidden divinity that is cash.

Just like everyone else I dream of Financial Independence. Imagine being able to work for pleasure not thinking about having to make ends meet. Money Taboos are counterproductive.

What’s your financial origin story?Click here to view original web page at monevator.com

How To Turn Epic FAILURE to SUCCESS!Click here to view original web page at thehumblepenny.com

Is anyone else happy they didn’t find FIRE in their 20’s? : FIREUKClick here to view original web page at www.reddit.com

Cockroach Startups: What You Need To Know To Succeed And ProsperClick here to view original web page at www.jeffreyfeldberg.com

The coming war on the hidden algorithms that trap people in povertyClick here to view original web page at www.technologyreview.com

Hide Your Work — David PerellClick here to view original web page at www.perell.com

Nice work if you can get outClick here to view original web page at www.economist.com

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