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Weekly Roundup

Why I Joined, Then Left, The FIRE Movement |

“I first heard about early retirement when I was 21 years old. I was a year out of college working an entry-level job that I hated, spending the days counting the minutes until I could go home, just to wake up and do it all over again. I couldn’t believe I was going to spend the next 40 years doing this on repeat. When was I going to travel? Or write my novel?

Then I stumbled across an article from the Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) community about how to retire in nine years, and decided that my life’s purpose was to retire by the time I turned thirty so I could pursue my dream of being a novelist.”

Weekly Roundup

When A Million Is Not Enough |

“When it comes to life, it usually makes sense to aim as high as possible. Even if you land short, you’ll still end up in a great place – and our finances are no exception.

Hence, I am actually in broad agreement with the author on the fact that achieving a £1m pension pot isn’t as unrealistic as people think it may be.

In fact, these three pension millionaires can give you a realistic blueprint on how to hit the seven-figure mark in your retirement portfolio”

Weekly Acta #1

Slow FIRE Financial Independence: (Slow FI) is a more Enjoyable, Balanced Path to Freedom |

“I used to write about my mini-retirement to document the time away from jobbing.

Although that journey came to an abrupt end in December 2016, I now have the opportunity to document my slow FIRE financial independence journey.

Instead of grinding at a job I can’t stand for the next 10 years and saving as much as possible, I am choosing to work a more flexible job to enjoy more time now. But I’m still pursuing financial independence.”

Weekly Roundup

The Feynman Technique: 4 Steps to Learn Anything |

“There is a world of difference between rote memorisation and real understanding. And just about anyone who has passed through a typical education will agree.

After I concluded my degree in economics, I found myself reflecting on this reality. Exam preparation loaded up the medium-term memory circuitry with facts and theories, ready to be discarded as the reality of their uselessness prevailed in the outside world.”

Weekly Acta #1

Did We Really Invent FIRE? |

“Pursuing FIRE feels like being in a secret club. A weird nerdy spreadsheet obsessed club. I like that. We’re all out there in the world doing our thing (in a socially distanced way of course), but we have this whole other side to us that most people know nothing about. I’m fairly open about my obsession with my finances and the fact that I want to retire before I’m dead, but I tend not to talk openly about the FIRE movement. I talk to my kids about it, as I’d like them to learn from my mistakes and for them to be able to buy themselves options in life by making smart decisions. Outside my immediate family though I don’t say a lot, and I certainly don’t talk about the fact that I blog about FIRE.”

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