Countertop Freedom – Inspiration Amidst a New Normal

I’m pleased to announce I’ve written my first guest articleCountertop Freedom – Inspiration Amidst a New Normal for Matt at

There is plenty to look back on in 2020. For many, this has been an awful year and I’m incredibly grateful that no tragedies have befallen me. My heart goes out to those affected either directly, or by second-order effects (redundancy/ job loss, education).

There have been disruptions in how we work and communicate. Never has our work invaded our home life to such an effect.

I fail to be convinced that we have a better work-life balance. There are too many distractions in the home and workloads have increased, if anything. Your valuable time and freedom are at stake. In times like these, we have to remember that there is No Leisure for Slaves.

For those looking to build a new side-business, there are opportunities. But in the face of global headcount reductions, there is growing competition and to succeed we have to offer something that nobody else has – a connection to an authentic voice.

For this you already have everything you need. An enquiring mind, a work ethic and a way to communicate right from your own kitchen table.

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