The reason this blog exists is partly down to the collective knowledge and friendliness of the bloggers in the personal finance sphere. Here are some of my favourites:

Monevator – An excellent resource – I always keep an eye on their slow and steady portfolio.

Bluegrass Critical Thinking Solutions – An excellent resource of strategic content, they are my regular go-to for a bigger-picture understanding and for identifying and discussing future societal trends.

Financial Imagineer – Financially independent before the age of 40, a contact of mine who has helped me a great deal with setting up this blog and help me understand the basics of blogging and social media.

Quietly Saving – Weenie at Quietly Saving has done an excellent job of documenting a personal and relatable path to financial independence.

Matched Betting Guy – I’ve previously written about how matched betting can be a great supplemental income in the UK – This blog shows inspiring matched betting progress over the years; he makes huge profits every month and although most won’t achieve this, it’s been great to track his progress over the years.

Odyssey to Fire – a fellow classics related FI/RE blog based in the EU. I enjoy the blog’s monthly passive income and expenses report.