Autumn 2020 Report

This year has been very busy for me and has resulted in a lower posting rate. When we went into lockdown in the UK, I was working overtime for several months and following this we’ve had family matters to attend to, together with the small matter of buying a new house. That being said, I’ve never lost sight of my goal of financial independence (FI) and I’ve continued to invest wherever I can.

I’m planning to upgrade this blog in time, but for now I will continue with more regular posting (I promise). Seeing as my monthly figures aren’t all that exciting (typically I contribute around £1000 a month into savings/ investments), my regular financial reports will now be updated on a quarterly basis. Outside of this I’d like to focus on more financial independence lifestyle content.

Financial Updates

So what have I been doing with my money? You may remember during the market crash I piled most of my spare cash funds into the market. Since then it’s done remarkably well; the overall value in my ISA has risen by almost 50% since the start of the year. Although it may fall again, in hindsight I did the right thing (at least for now).

The downside is most of that money was my emergency fund and proceeds from my matched betting income. I’ve been slowly building this back up, but now we are buying a new house, this may have to be dipped into again.

Matched Betting

I stopped matched betting between June and the end of August, mainly for the following reasons

  • pressures on time
  • most bookies went conservative with their offers and there were (and still are) less reload offers around
  • it was an opportunity to have a break from it. As I’m now working from home, I’ve found it difficult to get time away from a screen.

At the start of September I picked it up again. Although there are not as many offers around, I vowed to start doing it again even if I just earned £200 a month. The service I recommend for people new to matched betting is Profit Accumulator*, which offers a trial for new members.

I also signed up to Profit Accumulator’s sister site Bonus Accumulator after a favourable review from someone else in the FI community. Bonus Accumulator is similar to Profit Accumulator, but provides more casino-based offers. I will write a review of Bonus Accumulator soon, but so far it has been valuable.

My total matched betting profits over the month of September were £914. This was extremely lucky however, as I was only really expecting the Expected Value of around £160. But thanks to a couple of huge wins with low stakes, this has reignited my matched betting career.

Regular Savings

My regular savings accounts offering 5% interest have dried up now, and there isn’t anything competitive in the market at the moment. For now this money will go towards any renovations needed to the new house, otherwise it will go into an emergency account with Marcus.

Other Updates

Due to my blogging and matched betting hiatus, I haven’t been updating any of my goals. My focus in the downturn has been earning more money, and this came at the cost of my other reading and lifestyle goals.

I’m ready to write off my goal of reading 52 books in a year. I got almost half-way but I think if I was to pick this up again in the last 3 months of the year, I’d just be reading for the sake of it. I’ll continue to read for enjoyment, and will post any book reviews on here.

In Closing:

To my readers: thank you if you have been persevering with this blog even through the wilderness of the last few months. I have big ideas for this blog and I’d love to turn it into something that will provide actionable insights rather than just reading regular updates about the same old thing.

If you have a spare moment, please let me know in the comments what sort of content you enjoy the most, and what you would like to see more of. Until the next blog update, I hope you are all safe and well.

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