This personal blog was formed after years of deliberation and following other lifestyle blogs. For now I blog anonymously from the UK, commenting on a core theme of financial independence and the psychology of personal finance. I am in my mid-thirties and on a completely normal salary.

For years I have garnered knowledge from the wider financial independence blogosphere and I admire the courage and the transparency that most sources provide. I was first introduced to the concept of FI/RE by Mr Money Mustache, and whilst I was definitely interested in how to achieve financial growth, the simplicity of it never held my attention (although I still follow the principles).

The blog differentiates itself from other personal finance blogs by providing colour and texture to the otherwise long and unexciting years of saving enough money to retire on. Whilst I do focus on numbers occasionally, most posts are designed around the psychology and lifestyle of financial independence, rather than cold hard finance.

The Latin word otium has been roughly translated as leisure time, or time away from one’s daily public life (‘public life’ in this sense was typically used to describe active engagements or commitments to further the state). In a broad and perhaps simplistic sense, otium could be described in modern terms as leisure time away from employment.

The ultimate aim of this blog is to document a journey towards what most people would describe as financial independence, but with more of a focus and an understanding of why, rather than how.