February 2020 Report

Well hasn’t this month been eventful? We’ve seen storm after storm, flooding, snow and now the Coronavirus and an equity market downturn. Of course the news headlines highlight the worst, in an attempt to perpetuate fear so you consume more news. Of course, as long term investors in both our money and ourselves, this is an opportunity to test your resilience and control.

Market Downturn

Since fears have risen around the spread of COVID-19, as I write we are in the throes of a drop in global equity markets. Thankfully I had started to build up some cash reserves since December and I also received a bonus this month from my employer. I’m heavily invested in equities so it has decreased the paper value of the stocks I own. However I’ve always seen these corrections as normal and part and parcel of normal market conditions and will be hanging on in there. In all my ISA value has dropped around £2,500 in February and my pension even more so.

Matched Betting

This month was another good month of matched betting for me, hitting around £778 of profit for the month. £579 of this was casino offers, helped out by £199 from sports offers. This month was a little dry on offers and I only just managed to reach my target of taking £400 EV. However I seem to have been ahead of the curve which I’m grateful for.

The most profitable offers for this month were the Bet365 double winnings offer and a William Hill bonus very early on in the month (worked on gubbed accounts). Of course the Cheltenham festival is in a couple of weeks and I’ve taken the 4 day period off work to take advantage (providing it still goes ahead!).

If you are new to matched betting and are interested in trying it out, Profit Accumulator* offer a free trial for new customers.


To take advantage of the market downturn I used up some of the dry powder I had saved in cash and pushed it into my ISA. Some of it went straight into investments and some of it is waiting in cash in the ISA for deployment if the conditions for investing become even more suitable.

  • £2000 into ISA investments
  • £1200 into ISA as cash waiting to be invested
  • £550 into regular saving cash accounts (5% interest)
  • £66 affiliate income from Profit Accumulator – thank you to those who signed up using my link!

In the last few days I’ve also sold £1000 of my bond allocation (almost all of it), so that I may re-invest it in equities if required. Of course, no-one actually know how long this downturn will last, but I’m not buying gold or cryptocurrencies just yet.

Reading Goals

This month I only read 2 of my 4 book target. This is due to the first book, ‘The Art of Strategy’ being very heavy and many of the pages needed re-reading just to understand the finer aspects of game theory. The second book was one of annals from Tacitus, on Emperor Nero.

To see a list of the books I am either reading or plan to read, please visit my reading plan page.

That’s all for this month, let me know how you’ve done in the comments!

*Affiliate link

2 thoughts on “February 2020 Report”

  1. Nice work on the MB, I made my first serious error last night (layed the wrong match!) and ended up down over £100! That will teach me to rush!

    I should be getting a bonus this month too (or next month) and will be investing most of that, split across my ISA and SIPP. I think I was down by about £8k from the previous month – I won’t check my numbers again until when I do my next update so hopefully, it’ll look better then!

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