2020 Goals

Goals keep my good habits in check. Without setting them I’d be inclined to spend all of my time simply earning (or attempting to earn) money. I’m a little late to publish these goals, but better late than never!

1 – Read 52 books by the end of the year. This is my headline goal and is a lofty goal for me, but I have a fairly large stack of books in the house waiting to be read. I’ve made it through 4 so far and already into my fifth.

2 – Take at least £5,000 of EV (expected value) from casino matched betting offers. This is just over £400 per month. Last year I averaged about £470 per month (total just under £6,000), resulting in an average of £4.48 per offer. Last year however there were a couple of months at the start of the year where there were simply a lot more offers. Although it might seem strange to lower my targets, I believe that the number of decent offers available on a day-to-day basis is decreasing.

3 – Lose at least one stone in weight. In the last few years I have eaten relatively poorly, mainly out of convenience. I have done the 5:2 diet before and had success, so this will likely be the strategy I’ll use.

4 – Identify at least 20 pieces of classical music by ear. I’ve always enjoyed classical music and listen to it in the car, but it doesn’t really sink in. This is my commitment to actually take real interest and learn!

5 – Learn to beat the computer in chess. My nerdiest goal by far, but it really is something I’ve wanted to learn for some time. I even bought a book about it once, but didn’t really use it. I want to be able to beat the computer at a moderate difficulty level.

That should be enough to keep me busy for the year. Of course my main goal is to keep on the track to early retirement and do everything to keep myself from falling into bad habits.

These goals are deliberately ambitious, and I really want to test myself this year. It’s already February and the year has gone very quickly so far. Here’s to a productive rest of the year!

2 thoughts on “2020 Goals”

  1. Some great goals to go for there, with a similar MB one to me!

    I would love to do 52 books in a year – the most I’ve managed so far (since I’ve been tracking) is 46 but some of the books I like to read have over 900-1000 pages, so a little hard to read quickly! My goal this year is a modest 30 and I’m just about to finish book 5. Do you use Goodreads or something else to track your reading?

    Your classical music goal is interesting – I can identify pieces from a few different composers, but it’s certainly nowhere near 20 and I don’t always know what the piece of music is called – perhaps that’s something I should improve on.

    And finally, your beating the computer in chess reminds me a little of my Rubik’s cube goal a while back, in terms of nerdiness! This goal though would be beyond my capabilities, I can play chess but only at a basic level.

    The best of luck with all your goals!

    1. Hi Weenie, thanks for the comment! To tell the truth I’m already a little behind on the book front (it’s a difficult one!) but I’m hoping to gain some ground on the next few. I don’t use anything in particular to track my reading, I have a reading list and I’m just ticking them off as I go. The classical music and chess goals I’ve had for some time, I’ve always been impressed by people who have these sorts of skills.
      There are a couple of bonus goals that I’ve also been working on – I hope to reveal these as I go. These are quite big ticket goals though, so I don’t want to taint it at this point.
      All the best for your goals too, in particular those around savings and MB.

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