November 2019 Report

November has been a good month for me, certainly in contrast to the last few months! My regular job income has been bolstered by some good profits from matched betting, meaning that I can put more in my ISA than I expected. Below is the amount contributed to savings for November.

  • ISA: £1,000 (£500 from salary + £500 from matched betting)
  • Regular Savings: £550

The markets I’m invested in have also performed reasonably well this month, bringing the otium fund total up to £48,400, which is 24% of the target total.

I’m in the process of writing a few blog posts but I won’t spoil the surprise! I’ve been quite busy of late with workloads at the office being unsustainably high. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the evening on the matched betting, which has led to a bumper month for me.

Side Income

The grand total from matched betting this month was £858! The number of offers completed were higher than usual, weighing in at 117 casino overs (47 more than last month) and 198 sports bets. The total made for the month on the casino offers was £403 from a total of £622 EV taken.

Casino Offers – November Profit and EV

Sports offers were where I really upped my game from last month, bringing in £456 and averaging around £2.30 per bet. Below is a breakdown of the bet types and profit

  • £205 from 2up offers
  • £60 from odds boosts
  • -£76 on qualifying bets for free bets or refunds
  • £218 from free bets
  • £49 from refunds

All in all I’m very pleased from the profit this month and it brings my total from matched betting up for £8,909 profit for the year since January.

Other Business

My overall aim for the last month of the year is to get my ISA value up to £50,000. I’m only £1,600 short but I think I’ve probably got enough reserves in my bookmaker and casino accounts to help account for some of this.

We’ve also made the last payment on our car (it was only a small loan in exchange for an extended warranty). This will mean there is an extra £200 in the coffers for the month and together with some matched betting profits (hopefully) and a buoyant market (again hopefully) the ISA can hopefully reach the £50,000 landmark.

I’m really enjoying working on this blog, and although it’s still in it’s infancy it really gives me somewhere to log my progress and give me some more accountability. This month I’m hoping to have some time to pull together some of the articles I’m working on. Meanwhile, let me know how you’ve been getting on!

1 thought on “November 2019 Report”

  1. Wow, an excellent run on the matched betting! It’s been so long since I was able to make that much profit, I can’t remember what it feels like! 🙂

    Great to see you ploughing most of the profits into your ISA – you’ll be hitting that £50k target in no time.

    It’s good to read that you are enjoying working on your blog – that’s key to its longevity. Keep up the great work!

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