October 2019 Report

Rain and busyness at work were the key themes of this month; but there is joy in everything if you wish to look for it. Being busy at work meant the days in the office went faster and because I was looking for a distraction in the evenings I managed to dedicate more time to side income and working on this blog. Total savings this month:

  • ISA: £1,800
  • Regular savings: £550

This brings the total up to £46,500 which is approximately 23% of my otium fund target.

Side Income

Unfortunately matched betting this month wasn’t very fruitful and I only managed to make £90 in total. I did 70 casino offers totalling about £350 EV, and just over £100 of sports offers. The sports offers counteracted my losses – I was in negative territory for a while but managed to mostly pull it back.

Casino Offers – October Profit and EV

This brings me to around £8,075 for the year so far, only £2,000 below my target of £10,000. I’ve come close but although it’s now looking unlikely that I’ll hit this target, I’m still over the moon with the progress.

If you are interested in trying matched betting then I can recommend Profit Accumulator. They are great at explaining how to start and even offer a free trial. Please note this is an affiliate link.

Tax refund

It’s not every day you get a tax refund, but I received one this month to the tune of £1,100. This is very welcome at this time of year but instead of spending it, I’m forwarding it all straight into my investing accounts.


As mentioned I’ve been quite busy at work and this has resulted expected overtime payments of around £200. This was the first time I’ve been able to work overtime in this job and there probably won’t be many more so I tried to make the most of it without wearing myself out.

Other Business

I’m a firm believer in investing in your yourself and I very much include my appearance in this bracket. It’s worth buying good quality clothes as they increase your confidence and they tend to last longer too. I’ve been exploring charity shops lately and I’ve been amazed at what you can find – when browsing a local charity shop I found they had some brand new Ted Baker items from a corporate donation. I’ll get some of these altered to fit me but truth be told they are quite close to a perfect fit any way.

Any way, that’s the summary for the month – How did everyone else do?

1 thought on “October 2019 Report”

  1. Hi CC

    Didn’t realise that your MB goal for the year wasa £10k, makes my £5k seem quite pitiful! £8k is a massive number already in any case, but good luck for Nov and Dec! Sports betting isn’t quite as profitable as the casino offers, but I choose to stick to what I know and am comfortable with so happy with the lower profits.

    Good job on investing your tax refund – I too try to invest any ‘unexpected’ cash I receive. I won £50 on the premium bonds so that will be chucked at my ISA.

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